Competition in eras of hyper deflation is like driving down a road by only looking in the rear-view mirror.  It is tricky to do even with practice and it is definitely not safe.  The more curvey or unfamiliar the road, the more difficult the task.  By the way, you also still have to do all the normal work to keep the enterprise going too.

Getting the right help at the right time is a sign of organizational strength.  To staff an enterprise continuously with seldom needed skills is not cost effective.  If you already have all the technology strategy skills on staff, you are over staffed.  Additionally an external view provides an  independent audit of ongoing strategy.

Asking for help does not mean people are incapable of solving their problems. It is the people themselves who solve their problems. Assistance guides an organization and gives direction to their search for solutions. There are few people who have not needed help at some time. Those who reach for professional help at the right time have a better chance of finding effective and permanent solutions in a shorter time.

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