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ARNAN traces its roots back to the effort to land a man on the moon in the 1960's. After managing a project worth over $100,000,000 which succeeded in landing a man on the moon, key Honeywell staff left the company to turn their energies toward improving the delivery of health care.

Working with a narrow base of customers across the country, these pioneers initiated many of the efficiencies commonly used in medicine today. These efforts included: IBM's first small medical office computer system, advances in queuing theory, information storage and retrieval, and efficient application of resources. Key staff were featured in a Du Pont national advertising campaign for Automatic Clinical Analyzers. Individual projects in the 1980's exceeded $10,000,000.

Today, ARNAN has built a broad base of customers, partners, and vendors. By solving problems and meeting needs, ARNAN has built a solid reputation for value quality and fast tracking implementation.

ARNAN  continues these activities.

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